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API-610 BB3 MSN/MSND Multistage Axially Split

Pump Projects Nouvo Pignone BB3




  • State-of-the-art hydraulic design to increase efficiency and reduce absorbed power
  • Double-flow first stage impeller available to reduce net positive suction head required (NPSHR)
  • Hard coating on all mating surfaces of wear parts to increase durability


  • Inlet and outlet flanges integrally cast with the lower half casing
  • Balanced rotor assembly with back-to-back impeller arrangement to minimize residual axial thrust
  • Can operate in reverse mode as a turbine


  • Oil and water pipeline, terminal shipping stations
  • Lean/Semi-lean, amine and gas treatment processes
  • Onshore high-pressure water injection



Our MSN/MSND pumps are widely used for heavy-duty service in refinery, petrochemical, oil production, and pipeline applications such as boiler feed, multi-product shipping, water injection, lean and semi-lean processes. They work with a wide range of drivers, including electric motors to steam and gas turbine; and we’ve even designed pumping trains for use with gas engines upon request.

The multi-stage design is double-volute type to balance radial rotor loads at all capacities—thus optimizing unit reliability. The horizontally split case is designed to withstand the highest working and hydrostatic pressures typical for water-injection services. Suction and discharge nozzles are integrally cast with the lower half of the case to permit disassembly of the pump and rotor removal without disturbing the piping connections. Two-row rotors with opposed impellers provide axial balance over the entire operating range.

The pump can be equipped with an optional first-stage impeller with a larger eye area for single suction and, in most cases, double suction to obtain low NPSH requirements. Each impeller is keyed to the shaft and shrink-fit assembled.

All MSN/MSND pumps are full-load tested on dedicated rigs in our factory; complete train test can be performed on demand to validate the entire scope of supply.

Nuovo Pignone BB3 Specs