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API-610 BB2 DVSHF/THF/DS-THF Radially Split Centrifugal Pumps

Nuovo Pignone BB2



  • Centerline case feet avoid misalignment due to high temperature expansion
  • Compact and robust design to reduce footprint
  • Double flow impeller and special design suction channel are available to fit low and very low head applications


  • Precision-casted impellers maximize performance predictability; staggered blades minimize vibration
  • Top-top nozzle layout represents offered as standard; alternate solutions available on request
  • Reverse hydraulics available to be operated as hydraulic power recovery turbine (HPRT)


  • Urea, lean, semi-lean, amine, process solution, propylene pumps in petrochemical applications
  • Condensate, reflux, vacuum gas oil, stripper bottom in Refinery, LPG, LNG
  • Water, wash water, low-pressure boiler feed





Our single-stage DVSHF and double-stage THF/DS-THF pumps are centerline mounted, horizontal, staggered single or double volute, vertically split, with impeller between bearings. They meet the API610 standard for BB2 pumps.

These pumps are designed for continuous duty and are particularly well adapted to oil refinery and other industrial services, pumping fluids under a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Stuffing boxes are designed for API682 mechanical seals. The THF family includes a double-suction first stage option called DS-THF, for low net positive suction head (NPSH).

Multiple options can be required to fit any process and plant requirements. antifriction or sleeve bearings are available as well as ring or forced feed lubrication. Cooled or jacketed casings are available to achieve reliable service during transient and steady-state operations. All pump stuffing boxes comply with API682 minimum requirements and can host any type or style of mechanical seal.


Nuovo Pignone BB2