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API-610 BB4 DDHF/R Radially Split Ring Section Diffuser Pumps

Nuovo Pignone BB4



  • Lower operating costs as a result of high efficiency and energy savings
  • Centerline mounting feet increase thermal-expansion tolerance
  • Hard coating on all mating surfaces of stage seals and balancing drum to increase life


  • Clearances and tolerances between rotor and stator parts enable frequent starts and stops with rub-free operation
  • Diffusers and return channels are precision-casted and machine-finished for high conformity and low radial loads on the rotor
  • Double, symmetrical balancing flow lines minimize axial thrust variation and eliminate asymmetries that cause vibration


  • Boiler feed in power generation plants
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Energy recovery, CO₂ injection




Our DDHF-R multistage centrifugal pumps are designed for the requirements of several services including boiler feed in power generation plants, pipeline, reverse osmosis, energy recovery, and CO2 injection.

This pump family is designed to work in a demanding environment, delivering pressure as high as 350 barg, withstanding process temperatures up to 250°C, and managing flows close to 1,000 m3/h with an extremely high level of reliability and efficiency (over 85%). Based on the above, a single train’s installed shaft power can approach 10 MW in a high-speed arrangement.

Baker Hughes BB4 Specs