API 610 (Centrifugal Pumps)

PWD BB1 Single-Stage Double Suction Pump

PWM BB3 Multistage Pump

PWB BB5 Barrel Pump

PWH OH2 Process Pump

PWI-BB OH3 Vertical Process Pump
PWI-D OH4 Vertical In-Line Double-Suction Impeller
VS6 Vertical Turbine Pump (Can Type)

VS1 Vertical Turbine Pump (Sump Type)

PWI OH4 Vertical In-Line Pump

PW-11 OH2 Upgrade

ANSI Process/Industrial Pumps

PWA – B73.1 Process Pump

PWA | GEN 2 – B73.1 Process Pump

PWA-LF Low Flow Horizontal Process Pump

PWA-IL – B73.2 In-Line Process Pump

PWA-HT High Temperature Horizontal Process Pump

PWA-SL – B73.3 Sealless Horizontal Process Pump

PWA-SP Horizontal Self Priming Pump

PW-VSP Vertical Sump Pump

Chemical Pumps 

Side Channel Pumps 

TKM K Series Mechanical Diaphragm Pump


TKM K Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Pump

TKM K Series Plunger Pump

TKM K Series High Pressure Plunger Pump

Model SEMA™

Model SHP®

Model SRZS™

API 674 (Reciprocating/Multiplex Pumps)

Hammelmann® High Pressure Pump Series HDP MC

Apergy® Multiplex Plunger Pump Catalog

Weatherford® Reciprocating Plunger Pump Catalog

API 676 (Progressive Cavity Pumps)

CIRCOR Allweiler®

Continental® Progressive Cavity Pumps

Heat Transfer Pumps


PumpWorks® PWA-HT High Temperature Centrifugal Process Pump

API 676 (Screw/Multiphase Pumps)

CIRCOR® Multiphase Pump Systems

API 676 (Screw/Multiphase Pumps)

PumpWorks® HP-Plus Horizontal High Pressure Multi-Stage Pump Brochure

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