API-610 BB1 Two Stage Axially Split Pump

The API-610 BB1 Two Stage Axially Split Pump is, as the name suggests, an axially split, single stage, double suction, horizontal, foot mounted, between bearing pump with a double volute casing. The application for the pump focuses on medium to high flow crude oil and petroleum products pipelines and ship loading / unloading applications. The API-610 BB1 Two Stage Axially Split Pump can also be used in a variety of other oil and gas upstream, refinery and power generation applications. The robust casing and custom hydraulics of the Model PWD are specifically designed to meet projects with aggressive parameters.

An axially split case pump is a type of centrifugal pump with the volute casing that is split by a plan though / parallel with the shaft centerline. The rotor is supported between bearings. The suction nozzle and discharge nozzle is on the same centerline and arranged in the opposite direction.

This axially split case pump, as the shaft centerline is horizontal, it is known as a horizontal split case pump. This horizontal split case pump known for it’s easy installation and maintenance.

The single stage split case pump always has the double suction impeller that balances the axially hydraulic thrust to the impeller.

Advantages of API-610 BB1 Two Stage Axially Split Pump

1. Excellent hydraulic performance.

Stable performance, high efficiency are the significant advantages as compared with the radially split case pump, eg. end suction pump.

2. Easy maintenance.

Because the volute case is axially split, you only need to remove the upper casing to check the pump and replace the worn parts, eg. impeller, wear rings, shaft sleeve,

3. Fast replacing the shaft sealing.

To replace the soft packing, you only need to loose the packing gland and insert the new soft packing. To the replace the mechanical seal, you only need to take off the bearing and loose the mechanical seal cover joints, then replace the new mechanical seal, it is not necessary to dismantle and pump casing cover. The between bearing construction allow it to have this advantage.


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